Your immune system protects your body from harmful infections and viruses not only from the inside out, but also from the outside in…!

In the wake of the recent coronavirus pandemic many people are looking for better ways to protect themselves against contracting it and also to hasten overcoming it if they do unfortunately happen to come into contact. Self-quarantining is not always an option for many, and prevention is always better than a cure.

By eating a balanced diet with loads of organically grown fruit and vegetables, we naturally have the ability to improve the immune system. Throw in at least 7 hours of great quality restorative sleep, plus 30mins of light exercise. This not only has been found to help lower blood pressure but can also keep your weight under control.

Give the gift of health. ‘Medicine be thy food and food be thy medicine’.

The immune system causes an inflammatory response when attacking invaders. The body may use endocannabinoids from many types of foods to keep the immune response under control, but it doesn’t always fully control inflammation.

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