UNIKA Hemp Extract Oil is wholly Australian grown, processed, manufactured and family owned, and we are extremely proud of this.

We passionately, and have always supported the growth and sustainability of the Australian Hemp industry & community,

UNIKA DO NOT sell an illegally imported & potentially inferior foreign product, then white label it as our own. There are no smoke and mirrors. UNIKA are a registered, licensed and Australian government tested Hemp farm.

It is grown on our pristine organic and biodynamic family farm, which uses re-generative agricultural methods passionately, high in the Northern NSW rainforest hinterlands. Unika is a pure, powerful, potent and all-natural product, and our plants are treated with the most utmost integrity throughout the entire process.

We want our Aussie farmers, and affiliated businesses to benefit from all the years of researching, growing a unique and superior Hemp plant strain in pristine tended fields, and developing a very special Australian Hemp Oil. The Australian Hemp Oil farm is always ahead of the curve, for over a decade refining the craft and passing that knowledge to their children. It has never been about being a solely commercial venture. The UNIKA Hemp founders have been involved in the rapidly expanding Australian Hemp industry for almost a decade, and our passion to bring you the most wonderful and unrivalled product possible is clear to see. Ultimately, the finished product will speak for itself.

UNIKA’s industry unique fermentation process results in a spectacular finished product. It is the most pure, complex and all-natural Australian Hemp Oil (extract) on the market today in our view. The Australian Hemp Oil is slowly infused into a premium, locally grown and organic extra virgin Olive oil.

Our organic and bio-dynamic growing practices further enhance its integrity. The Hemp plant is respected and honoured from start to finish. Maximising the plant compound extraction complexity, potency and premium quality, with each step done by hand; from planting and picking, to drying and processing.

Everyone involved with UNIKA is dedicated to keeping Australian products and businesses successful. We all want to help our future generations to have a more positive future, where they can thrive and focus on creating and/or accessing sought after, high quality and sustainable products. We need to slowly turn back the tide on outsourcing overseas supplies and products, while they exist within our grasp. We want to help Australia become a manufacturing powerhouse once again.

The Corona-Virus pandemic has taught us many things; and supporting local Australian businesses, manufacturing and supply chains is certainly one of them. Try to buy as many of your groceries as possible from local farmers markets, visit regional areas, and always check the back of the product for the percentage of locally sourced ingredients, or if the brand is even Australian owned for that matter.

Our farmers and connected industries have had it tough of late; with on-going drought, bushfires, floods, pandemics, commodity prices, government funding and tariffs all impacting Aussie businesses. Please be conscious of this where possible, and ‘support your local’.


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