Australian Hemp Oil

It has been a challenging 12 months for all. The severe drought, devastating bush fires, and now pandemic has certainly taught every country to be much more self-reliant and support their own industries. It is a time to stop, reflect and go back to basics supporting our Australian owned, manufacturing, agricultural and primary producers.

The Hemp Industry has been one which has seen the vast majority of people buying products online and grown in other countries, whilst we have some of the most pristine soil, water and air quality found anywhere in the world, and so some of the highest quality Hemp available. We encourage people to buy locally and look after our own farmers and the industries that have offshoots from it by buying 100% home grown products like Australian Hemp Oil.

100% Organic Australian Hemp Oil available at Unika Hemp Online Store. Have you heard about the benefits of Hemp Oil for Skin? Essential Vitamins & Fatty Acids that promote healthy skin and prevent inflammation. Research indicates that the omega-3s and omega-6s in hemp oil may be effective in treating a number of skin ailments and further validates the benefit of Hemp Oil for Dogs. UNIKA Hemp is a 100% Australian grown, owned, hand‐made and uniquely crafted broad¬‐spectrum hemp extract oil range.

Our family owned and operated hemp farm is located in one of the most fertile valleys in Australia. It uses organic, bio-dynamic and re-generative farming practices. Describing it as pure and lush does not do it enough justice. Bordering pristine ancient rainforest, our only neighbours are the local wildlife. The soil is hand tilled, the seeds hand planted and tended daily with artisan craftsmanship. Everything produced at the farm is done with absolute integrity, no corners cut, never compromised with any chemicals. It is manufactured to the highest product standards and we proudly can call it 100% Australian Hemp Oil.

Whether you are purchasing clothing, shoes, food, cosmetics or specialised Hemp products; our Aussie farmers and industries need our support, they are the backbone of our country. Australians want to leave a legacy for their children and grandchildren and by us all supporting our home-grown industries, we may one day rebuild the backbone that our forefathers built enjoyed.

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