What is Hemp oil?

What is Hemp oil? Just as Mother Nature intended, there are a plethora of plants that can be a source of food, medicine, textiles or building materials and Hemp has only just been re-discovered for its amazing qualities and 1000’s of uses. Hemp, historically had over 25,000 diverse uses, ranging from paints, printing inks, varnishes, paper, Government documents, bank notes, food, textiles (the original ‘Levi’s’ jeans were made from Hemp cloth…!) What an impressive plant.

When was Hemp discovered? At an archaeological site in Oki, Japan, dating back to 8000BC, the Hemp Achene (seed) was found. It was indigenous to Asia and India and it was used for everything from food sources, to medicine, to rope, to building materials. In fact, Hemp was probably the earliest plant cultivated for textile fibre. Hemp was processed by hand which was very labour intensive and costly, not lending itself towards modern commercial production. The main crisis for Hemp arose in America during the 1930’s due to propaganda created from companies with vested interest from the new petroleum based synthetic textile companies and the large and powerful newspaper/lumber businesses who saw Hemp as the biggest threat to their businesses. Therefore, everything from Hemp seeds (food source) right through to Hemp textiles was classed as an illegal substance and we lost touch with this amazing plant. Over the past 10 or more years, Hemp and all its associated products and benefits have been seeing a renaissance as Mother Nature’s gift, with hemp seeds, protein and oil now legal in strict alignment with specific regional laws and regulations.

Hemp seed oil: Often confused with Hemp extract oil in Australia, but there are marked differences. Hemp seed oil is made from the tiny Hemp seeds and contains trace plant compounds. It is now classed as a food source and why you see it just about everywhere.

What is Hemp (extract) oil: Hemp extract is infused out of the whole plant matter and used as topical oil and/or can be added to creams for topical use. Hemp contains extremely low/trace elements of THC and does not have any psychoactive effect. The extract contains cannabinoids, just like many other common garden plants also containing similar compounds to a lesser degree. Hemp extract contains a huge variety of 300+ plant compounds, flavonoids and terpenes which work together synergistically. This is the primary difference.

How does Hemp extract oil work? Even though this miraculous plant has been around for centuries, today, scientists have only barely discovered the tip of the Hemp oil iceberg. What we do know is your body produces endo-cannabinoids (just like in the plant), which are neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors.

How are people purchasing Hemp extract oil? For the vast majority, the easiest way to buy is online. Ideally, look to purchase from a country that has strict regulations and controls in place, whilst adhering to the legislation and usage requirements appropriate for the market. There are very few licensed and regulated Hemp growers & suppliers throughout Australia and New Zealand from which you can legally buy Hemp extract oil.

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