Premium Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil


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  • 100% Australian grown, produced & family owned.
  • High potency, complex, full spectrum cannabinoid profile.
  • Approx. 100mg hemp extract & other plant compounds per 1ml.
  • 100% organic, certified bio-dynamic & regenerative farming practices.
  • Hand planted, hand picked & hand crafted.
  • Unique fermentation extraction process.
  • No damaging chemicals, solvents, alcohol, gases, elevated temperatures, high pressure, or carbon dioxide (CO2 processing) used at any time.
  • AU licensed and Government tested Hemp farm.
  • Trace level of THC <0.0029% per 1ml. Hemp is a specific variety of the Cannabis sativa plant family, containing barely trace levels of the psychoactive compound THC.
  • The most pure and all-natural Hemp extract oil available in the market. UNIKA Guaranteed.

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  • Organic Cannabis Sativa (Hemp), Fermented Infusion in Organic, Cold-Pressed, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.
  • Organic Sunflower Lecithin.

UNIKA Hemp is a 100% Australian product with unsurpassed quality, purity, full‐spectrum complexity and high potency.

Our exclusively grown Hemp plants are hand‐sown in pristine soil, energised by the sun, irrigated with rainwater and slowly nurtured through to maturity by hand.

The plants are then very slowly fermented into a premium, organic, cold‐pressed extra virgin Olive oil. This globally unique fermentation process maximises the quality and extraction of all Hemp plant compounds, which are often lost during standard processing methods, and so further protecting and retaining the oils long term integrity.

We do not use damaging solvents, gases, alcohol, ethanol, chemicals, pressure, carbon dioxide (CO2 processing), or elevated temperatures to extract the precious plant compounds. Unlike almost all other Hemp extract oil products.

Our premium bottles are made of a specialised biophotonic glass to protect its integrity, maintain peak potency and extend shelf life. We encourage you to please re‐use these high quality bottles in your home.

As an analogy, UNIKA is a full symphony orchestra; working in perfect cohesion with not a single instrument missing or out of tune. UNIKA’s full-spectrum Hemp plant extracts, flavonoids and terpenes enhance each others properties exponentially, seamlessly surging across the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is better known as the entourage effect; a perfect and complementary synergy.

*UNIKA Hemp Extract Oil contains less than <0.0029% of THC per 1ml. Tested & certified.


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9 reviews for Premium Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil

  1. Wendy Peppin (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for 5 weeks as a trial. I couldn’t use a knife and fork as my fingers were so swollen with arthritis inflammation and now I can… Looking forward to the next few months as I am sure it will help in many ways. Wonderful to see it is a Australia product as I used a product from a different country I saw on Instagram.

  2. Rob Lee

    I recently had a major ankle operation and my leg has been in a cast for 12 weeks. When the cast was removed, my skin was very dry and in poor condition. I’ve been rubbing Unika’s hemp oil in to my leg daily and my skin condition has greatly improved. It absorbs readily and is not greasy. I’ve also been rubbing it on the site of the ankle operation and feel it has made my ankle more comfortable with less inflammation

  3. R. Stephens

    The first trial bottle did ease the discomfort in my back, and it did take a couple of weeks to have an effect. I ran out of the oil a few days ago (on purpose) and the ache was definitely on again. So I am looking forward to starting the new bottle.

  4. A Barnett

    This stuff has come into my life smoothly …. living up to all the hype I’d read about. Appreciated folks. Good work!

  5. Rod Banks (verified owner)

    THANK YOU Unika Hemp, thats all we really have to say. The difference it has made to our lives is special. A friend told us what you’re doing and we will also recommend you to anyone and everyone we know xx.

  6. Lyn Michie

    Happy customer! Really helped me relax 🙂

  7. Peter Jacobs

    Brilliant! Well done on such a fabulous product. Worked wonderfully well for my skin condition.

  8. Fiona Miller

    Working an absolute treat for sleep! Thank you UNIKA HEMP!

  9. Sarah P

    Way better than the CB oil tincture I bought from the USA recently.

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